Medellin shared apartment

Medellin Shared Accommodation

Student Accommodation MedellinIf you’re not a hostel person, but still budget conscious, then a shared apartment could be your ideal option. Usually, you will be sharing with like minded international travelers.

The most popular site for this is which has a multitude of options with verified photos and reviews from other guests making it a safe and secure option. Because the prices are listed in USD, you’ll probably end up paying alot more than if you found an option advertised locally, however, sometimes its better to paying a little more for peace of mind.

Many people who come to Medellin want to share an apartment or house with Colombians to improve their Spanish. This, however, may prove slightly difficult. This is because most Colombians live at home with their parents until they get married. However, if you want to try your luck finding accommodation with Colombians, the best website to use is Compartoapto - although you might find that it has many out-of-date listings and many don’t want to rent their rooms for short term. If you don’t speak basic Spanish, you may find it difficult finding accommodation this way.

Medellin Coliving

Medellin Apartment Rental
Medellin Apartment Rental
Medellin Apartment Rental
If you're looking for a higher-end option in a relaxed chilled-out shared apartment check out Medellin Coliving. Rooms are rented on a monthly basis to digital nomads working online in Medellin.

Another good place to start looking for a shared apartment is the Facebook Group Medellin Rooms, Apartments and Expat Info. it's mostly other expats renting their spare rooms. Be aware, however, that there is a high number of “dodgy” people advertising overpriced options on Craigslist at high end pricing. For this reason we don't recommend that site.

Medellin Student Accommodation

None of the colleges or universities in Medellin have student accommodation since most students from Medellin continue to live with their parents. However, around most universities there are families who will host students from other cities in their homes. These aren’t homestays as there is no integration into family life, it’s purely a room rental situation. Typically, most of these options are with little old ladies who live alone and need extra money.

If you’re just looking for a cheap room rental and not worried about hard mattresses and cold showers, this could be a perfect alternative to other living situations. To find one, just ask around any of the buildings near the major universities.



    If you're looking for decent Student Housing options in Medellin check out Tellanto a company created by two young Dutch entrepreneurs Ruben & Stijn. They specialize in affordable student housing options for international visitors to Medellin.


    Alternatively VICO is a website which helps you to find the perfect room in a co-living space or shared house with other fellow interns, students and young professionals in a safe area. But no only this, during your stay you will become part of the VICO Community with access to activities, events and special discounts to discover Medellín from it’s best side!

    All the houses on VICOs webpage are verified by their team and you can decide whether to book online or schedule a meeting to see a room personally before making a reservation. Afterwards, you will receive a contract and be able to pay all monthly rents online.
    Contact: +57 305 444 0424

      Medellin Homestays

      A homestay is an opportunity to stay with a local family, have meals provided, and have your washing taken care of in a family environment that encourages cultural interaction. Whilst very common in many South American countries, the idea of homestays in Medellin is pretty unknown to locals, since tourism here is pretty new.

      Why most Homestays are illegal in Colombia:
      In order to facilitate the rapidly growing tourism industry in Colombia the government has introduced very strict regulations when it comes to short term tourism accommodation. Homestay families, like hotels, hostels and short term apartment rentals, must apply for a Registro Nacional de Turismo (RNT) and meet the necessary approval criteria including safety standards. Most Homestays in Colombia do not have RNT and as such could be considered illegal. Furthermore promoting Homestays that dont have RNT could be considered illegal also. This is why professional Spanish schools don't offer Homestay families as part of their course. However if you want to take the risk, you can always find options on international websites such as and Airbnb.

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