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Salsa in Medellin

Colombians love of salsa is famous. Whilst more popular in Cali, salsa culture is still pretty strong in Medellin and sharing this appreciation of salsa is a not only a great way to interact with the locals it's also a fun night on the town. A large number of bars and clubs play salsa music but don't worry dancing isn’t a requirement to enjoy them. However after a few drinks and once you get over that first momentary awkwardness, you may find it can be an amazingly rewarding experience and a great way to make new friends.

The most famous area for salsa is La Setenta (La 70). There are a plethora of bars to choose from and drinks can be found for relatively inexpensive prices. La 70 is also located a tad south of the Estadio Metro, which makes it a relatively safe and easy to get to with public transport or taxis. A taxi, anywhere from the popular places of Medellin (like Poblado), should cost no more than 15,000 COP.

On Tuesday nights, many tourists head downtown to Eslabon Prendido for a night of great salsa with a live band. It’s a legendary salsa club that consistently pulls crowds. It’s not the safest part of town so remember to use common sense and catch a cab to and from the venue.

Review the map below for further suggestions, we recommend checking reviews before heading to any of the bars. 

    Map: Salsa Bars in Medellin

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