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Laundry Services in Medellin

There are no self-service laundromats to wash your own clothes in Medellin. Instead, you will find, relatively expensive, full service laundromats. You can expect to pay about 25,000 to 30,000 for one load of washing.

Most hostels have laundry services which may be more affordable - you may want to check before booking. Likewise, most hotels have laundry services but check before you hand over your clothing to make sure their price is fair.

Most furnished rental apartments come with a washing machine and a washing line to dry your clothes. Dryers are very uncommon in Medellin. If maid service is included in the rent, maids will generally wash all the bedding and towels, but not necessarily your clothes. The same applies when renting a room in a shared apartment or house.

    Convenient Laundry Services

    Lavapres Express - located near Exito Poblado, they also do pick up and delivery.
    Ph: (+57 4) 444 7777 Calle 10 #43E -135 El Poblado, Medellin

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