Medellin Free City Guide

Hairdressers in Medellin

Visiting the hairdresser in Medellin doesn't have to be a nightmare. There are great barbers and excellent English speaking hairdressers.

If you're looking for a cheap men's cut there are several barbers in barrio Provenza along Carrera 34 and 35, the staff are usually pretty young and if you're looking for a simple short back & sides then you wont be disappointed. If you're looking for something a bit higher end you won't get better than El Garage Barber Shop based in the the Rio Sur Shopping mall and recently they opened a spa for men.

There is a high end hairdresser chain Alquimia Belleza Integral in every large shopping mall such as Santafe, El Tesoro and Oviedo. They usually have someone who speaks a little bit of English.

The Ambroxia Salon in Parque Lleras on Calle 8 (con Carrera 38) upstairs is also very gringo friendly.

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