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Football Games in Medellin

If you’re a football fan, watching one of the two professional teams in Medellin, Atletico National and Independiente Medellín, is a great way to experience Latin America’s extraordinary passion for football. Be prepared for a constant roar of noise, drums, and cheering. There is a particularly loud section in the south of the stadium that is much more “passionate” than the others. In my opinion, it’s better to be a section next to that one to experience the festivities but not be overwhelmed by them. At times, it feels like more people in the stadium are watching the revelry in the crowd than the soccer match.

The stadium is located near the Estadio metro and tickets are available at the stadium. Be prepared to deal with ticket scalpers - try not to be overwhelmed. Games usually occur on Wednesdays while some are on Saturday or Sunday. Tickets should cost around $10,000 COP to $50,000 COP depending on the section of the stadium.

    Stadium Safety

    Certain games may be a tad dangerous. As a rule of the stadium, if the two Medellin home teams are playing one another, only one side can represent their team at a time in order not to cause incidents in the crowd. We've been told, although you get a full pat-down entering the stadium, people still bring in machetes and knives. Sadly, dispersing the crowd outside the stadium with tear gas is a common practice. It’s better to ask a local before you go to a game to make sure it isn’t a game where things may escalate and risk you getting caught in the football fans crossfire.

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