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Best Hotels in Medellin

Medellin has hundreds of hotels distributed throughout the city, although the highest concentration of high end and tourist grade hotels are in the El Poblado area.

On this map we show some of the best hotels within close proximity to Parque Lleras and the Toucan Spanish School.

Map of Medellin Hotels

Best Hotels in Medellin

Following is a quick description of some of our favorite hotels in Medellin, by category:


  1. Intercontinental: Located in an excellent part of Poblado, and surrounded by landscaped gardens, the Intercontinental is a luxury hotel with great views on multiple sides, a beautiful pool, and many other luxurious amenities. This is the classic luxury hotel with everything you could want and more. (They even have a 9-hole mini golf course). In the past, celebrities like Madonna have stayed in this luxurious hotel. A private, basic room may be 350,000 COP a night. [Not shown on map, slightly outside range]
  2. Dann Carlton: although not be as luxurious as the Intercontinental, is still a comfortable and relaxing five star hotel. Some guests have complained about noise in the past, but considering the convenient location to Parque Lleras, a varied breakfast buffet, swimming pool and great staff, many will overlook the noise factor entirely. A private, basic room may be 266,000 COP a night.


  1. Hotel Acqua Express: A lovely, no frills hotel. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the facilities and rooms stay relatively quiet. Surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Medellin, a private, basic room may be 140,000 COP a night.
  2. InHouse: This is a great little hotel for the price. Peaceful, comfortable, and a good location. English is not widely spoken among the staff but their warmth and friendliness is unmistakable. A private, basic room may be 130,000 COP a night.
  3. Florencia Plaza: Conveniently located across the road from the Toucan Spanish School, the Florencia Plaza Hotel is close to everything and holds great value for the price. They also have a nice little terrace on the roof. A private, basic room starts at 110,000 COP a night.
  4. Las Rosas Hotel Boutique: Located at the end of Via Jardin, there are numerous high end restaurants to dine at. Las Rosas is not only known for their stellar customer service and warmth, but the also have a decent pool. A private, basic room starts at 180,000 COP a night.
  5. Kolor Hotel Boutique: This is a small and colourful boutique hotel with friendly service from the owner and staff alike.  A room for two will set you back about 200,000 COP a night. You can book via their website and might see some promotions advertised there as well.
  6. Holiday Inn: This is a standard Holiday Inn experience – every room is quite spacious and your stay will sure to be welcoming. Getting a room towards the top of the building may ensure you a better view. The staff are friendly and most speak some English. A private, basic room may be 230,000 COP a night. [Not shown on map, slightly outside range]


  1. Tamarindo B&B:  is a refreshing change in the Poblado area where B&B’s are almost impossible to find. The owner, Natalie, has a wealth of knowledge and is always on hand to ensure you get the best Medellin experience. A private, basic room starts at 72,000 COP a night.

Toucan Tip: Motels

You might see a number of motels in Medellin, especially when downtown. However in Colombia the motel serves a different purpose than what you might be used to.

In a motel you can rent a room on an hourly basis. Some may have “themed” rooms. I’m sure you get the picture.

Motels are very important in Colombian society because most unmarried Colombians live with their families and as such it’s very difficult to get privacy. Taking the new girlfriend or boyfriend home to the parents house is just not an option.

Medellin Hotels
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