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In recent years the number of hostels has grown from about five to almost 50, giving you an endless variety to choose from. 90% of all hostels are located in El Poblado particularly around Parque Lleras, Provenza and Parque Poblado. The reason for this is simple, it’s not only the safest area in town it’s also the main dining and entertainment area. There are tons of restuarants, you could potentially try a different one for lunch and dinner everyday for a month and never bore of the variety. When you want to have a night out Parque Lleras is a short walking away and easy staggering distance back.

Best Hostels in Medellin

Toucan Tip: Best Hostels

We find that there are two main types of hostels:

  1. A party, high-energy, hostel
  2. A tranquil, relaxed hostel

However, depending on the crowd staying in the hostel, some relaxed hostels may be too loud and some party hostels will be dead. It’s best to check Tripadvisor and/or Hostelworld reviews and use your best judgement. Here are the best hostels in either category:

Relaxed Hostels

  1. Tamarindo Hostel has a privileged location surrounded by tropical greenery and the sound of running water from a nearby river. It’s close to the nightlife of Parque Lleras, yet still located on a quiet residential street in Poblado. There is no bar and no live music, just quiet, relaxed quarters which make it perfect for travelers of all ages and especially for those who are studying Spanish in Medellin and need to occasionally study. (20,000 COP a night for a dorm bed, private rooms available).
  2. In terms of pricing, location, and overall relaxation – Bambu Glamping Hostel is also great option. The big difference between this hostel and others is that it has a very large garden area, equipped with several hammocks, located along a creek. If you’d like to save money on food, the hostel comes equipped with a full kitchen, including oven, that is free to use and is cleaned every morning. Ask for a curtained dorm for the most comforting and relaxing sleep you’ve gotten in a hostel. (25,000 COP a night for a dorm, also has private, modern tents in the backyard)
  3. Although the location isn’t as good as the others (about 15 to 20 minutes walk from Parque Poblado), the atmosphere couldn’t be friendlier at Waypoint Hostel. The staff are helpful, and it the cost is great. (22,000 COP a night for a dorm, also has private rooms)
  4. The Saman Hostel is clean and welcoming with a relaxed atmosphere. It’s located on the busy Calle 10 just 2 blocks from Parque Lleras which means there may be some external noise on weekends but inside it’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere. (22,000 COP a night for a dorm bed)

Party Style Hostels

  1. If you’re looking for a fun time and enjoy drinking and socializing the Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel is the way to go. It’s one of the larger hostels in Medellin and has it’s own bar. Many travelers from other hostels will go to Happy Buddha because they know it’s where they can enjoy a few beers with friends in an upbeat environment. Being a boutique hostel, it’s a little more pricey but definitely worth it if you don’t mind paying a little extra. (30,000 COP for the cheapest dorm, hotel-like private rooms available.)
  2. If you’d like a fun atmosphere with a pool, PitStop Hostel is also a great choice. It’s a longer walk from the night-life, but it’s closer to the metro. (Cheapest dorm is 26,000 COP with many other private room options as well)
  3. Another popular party-hostel is the Casa Kiwi. They were one of the first hostels in town and through various expansions have become one of the largest. There is a nice balance of being peaceful during the day and pretty busy at night – especially on Fridays and Saturdays. They have their own bar and are one of the few places that offer draft beer for a decent price. There’s a small pool on the roof. (Dorms for 30,000 COP, privates available)
  4. Galeria Hostel is a fairly new, funky, artsy hostel located alongside the more famous Casa Kiwi hostel. Great location, and really friendly staff. Not strictly a party hostel however there is sometimes live music until about midnight. (26,000 COP a night for a dorm, almost all dorms but has a private option)
Medellin Hostels
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  1. What about the hostels in Belen and Laureles???

    International House Medellin has been #1 or #2 amongst Medellin hostels for several years now and yet we weren’t included on your map???

    1. Hi Joel, thanks for your comment. The current map was initially designed to appeal to the majority of our client base who want to stay close to the Toucan Spanish School. We are currently compiling a complete list of Medellin hostels throughout town and of course your hostel will on there. Given the number of hostels and the number of new hostels opening every month its quite a task. Expect to see it in the new year.

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