Medellin Free City Guide

La Setenta (La 70)

La Setenta (La 70) is a area packed with wall to wall bars & nightclubs and is known as the SALSA strip of Medellin. Located south of the Estadio Metro, it’s also relatively safe and easy to get to with public transport or taxis. A taxi should cost no more than 15,000 COP. Beverages are relatively inexpensive in most bars here due to the competition.

One popular destination to go to is El Tibri on the corner of La 70 and calle 43. This small, intimate basement club has been packing in the crowds for over 20 years. We recommend you get there early in the evening before the crowds and before the walls start sweating. As one El Colombiano newspaper article states “those who go for the first time drown in a mix of humidity, trombones and Chanel No. 3.

Another historic venue is Son Havana, this time its a Salsa bar with a Cuban flavor. Get an idea of what goes on from the video below.

La 70
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