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Restaurant Zone: Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras is the “ground zero” for visitors to Medellin. Often referred to as the Zona Rosa (entertainment district) Lleras is full of bars, clubs and restaurants and as such it’s usually the first place that most tourists head to. Similar to any tourist area around the world, the restaurants tend to be mostly overpriced and not always the highest quality. There is also a high turnover of restaurants.

Some of the more reputable and longest established restaurants include:

  • Basilica – a mix of Peruvian and sushi
  • Al Rojo – Italian and steak restaurant
  • Il Forno – Italian restaurant

You can find these options listed on the map below.

You might be amused (but probably not surprised) to find American chain Hooters in Parque Lleras as well.

Map – Restaurants in & around Parque Lleras

Restaurants In Parque Lleras


Meet the Colombian Starbucks

Juan Valdez Medellin

If you just want a coffee then Colombia’s national coffee chain Juan Valdez is a good option. It’s also a meeting point for many people, new to town who need a reference point in Parque Lleras. You’ll find Juan Valdez at the top of the park.


Tip: Eating Cheaply & People Watching

If you want to enjoy the vibe of Parque Lleras, without breaking the bank, we highly recommend the outdoor crepe van at the base of the park. You can also buying a beer from any of the local tiendas that surround the park to accompany your meal. It’s not glamorous fine-dining, but it’s a great place to people-watch, relax and have a interesting night out, at a third of the price of any restaurant in Lleras.

Parque Lleras
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