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El Centro:

If you’re exploring El Centro there are two really historic cafes you must try both on Avenida Junin the main shopping Street (and where you’ll also find many traditional handicrafts for sale):

  • Versalles – opened in 1961 this Argentinian café is famous throughout Medellin for its Argentinian and Chilean empanadas. Service is old style and food is very affordable.
  • El Astor – founded in 1930 this Swiss cafe is another Medellin institution. As expected they specialize in all sorts of cakes & chocolate products but the most famous ítem is the Sapo, a small green fruit cake in the shape of a frog. Sounds weird but is a must try, along with a mandarin juice.
Versalles Junin Medellin
Versalles – Ave Junin Medellin
Versalles Medellin
Empanadas @ Versalles Medellin
Cafe Astor Medellin
Cafe El Astor Medellin

In recent years several new gastronomic zones have emerged in Medellin, Barrio Manila and Jardines, Envigado.

Barrio Manila:

Copying the success of Jardines, new restaurants are springing up all the time in Barrio Manila which is a hidden gem just 10 minutes walk south of Toucan Spanish School. Some of the restaurants can be found in both Jardines & Manila such as Barbacoa (burgers) an Olivia (pizza).  However our favorite is Cambria Café/Resto the Portugese food and cakes are absolutely amazing.


Located in Envigado a small enclave of suburbia has been taken over by some of the most popular restaurants in town. One of the most famous is Lucio a renown steak restaurant, make sure you book days in advance.

Further Afield
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