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Calle 10

If you’re looking for a quick and cheap meal before or after enjoying some drinks in Parque Lleras then Calle 10 (La 10, pronounced “la diez”) has a myriad of fast food options including hotdogs, burgers, arepas, fried chicken and suchlike. You even have American fast food chains such as KFC, Domino’s and Subway.

Here are a selection of some of our favorite restaurants along “La 10” which you can also find shown on the map below:

  • Mondongos – if you want to try traditional food this is the place. Servings sizes are large so starve before going.
  • Peru Mix – this restaurant serves tasty Peruvian food including sandwiches and cervices
  • Mario Bross – apart from ripping off of the famous computer game’s identity this fast food restaurant is a great late night option
  • Turban – Arabic style kebabs & shawarmas
  • Chabuca -another Peruvian restaurant with top quality sandwiches accompanied by some of the best fries in town
  • Cosechos – not a restaurant but a juice bar, don’t forget to tell them to go easy on the sugar
  • Medellin Beer Company – if you’re looking for a beer and pub grub, this venue has some good options and daily specials.

Maps – Restaurants in & around Parque Lleras

Restaurants in Medellin
Calle 10
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