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Restaurants Around Parque Lleras

As you become more familiar with with the area we recommend you walk around Parque Lleras a few streets in any direction away from Lleras itself to enjoy a better choice & quality of restaurants. Some of the restaurants may be a little hidden but it’s worth exploring, especially now that you have our restaurant map which you’ll find below.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants within 10 minutes walk of Parque Lleras (excluding Provenza, detailed in another section). They are listed in no particular order.

  • Ferro – white tablecloth service with great steak and grilled meats
  • Zorba – vegetarian pizza in a lively romantic atmosphere
  • Curry – Indian restaurant naturally
  • Chef Burger – the best burgers in town
  • Federal Ribs – Some of the best ribs in town
  • Hanami – Probably the best Japanese restuarant in town, although pricey
  • El Cielo – award winning molecular gastronomy at it’s best
  • Carmen – everyone favorite restaurant serving international food in a classy atmosphere
  • La Provincia – mediteranean restaurant, often awarded “best in town”
  • Osea – don’t let the size fool you, this restaurant packs a punch with experimental food
  • Tipicos – perfect if you’re craving Colombian food but want something a little better quality than the average Colombian restaurant
  • Herbario – trendy restaurant serving Colombian influenced food
  • Crepes & Waffles – famous Colombian crepe restaurant
  • Le Coq – upmarket roasted chicken restaurant
  • Paralelo17 – trendy Asian inspired restaurant with Thai and Vietnamese flavors
  • Halong Vietnamita – Vietnamese restaurant with refreshing outdoor seating

Map – Medellin Restaurants in and around Parque Lleras

Best Restaurants in Medellin around Parque Lleras
Around Parque Lleras
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