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Cafés in Medellin

Whilst Colombia is famous for it’s coffee, very few Colombians actually drink their own homegrown specialty coffee. Instead they have gotten used to drinking the mass produced instant coffee made with low quality defective beans that are mechanically processed to have a very long shelf life. The reality is that due to high demand for specialty Colombian coffee abroad, most of it is exported. As a result the café / coffee shop culture is not so evident in Colombia.

However this is a trend that is recently changing. The government, especially here in Antioquia, are spending vast amounts of money promoting specialty Colombian coffee to Colombians. This has lead to the creation of the Juan Valdez coffee chain and the growing trend for Colombians to not only go out to drink coffee, but also to buy better quality beans for home usage.

Pergamino Medellin
Coffee & Cake @ Pergamino Medellin

In affluent Poblado the café culture is exploding especially with the introduction of trendy cafés such as Pergamino (who own their own plantations) and Cafe Velvet (Belgian owned). Both can be found on the trendy Via Primavera street (Carrera 37) and are popular spots for digital nomads and tourists who pass through Medellin and usually end up staying as long as their visa allows. Another great option is Urbania – just south of Parque Poblado on Calle 8.

Como Pez En el Agua
Sweets Galore @ Como Pez en el Agua

If you like cakes then Como Pez en el Agua (“Like fish in Water”) has some of the finest brownies, cakes and mini treats you’ll find.

Toucan Cafe Medellin
Toucan Cafe Medellin

At Toucan Café (an extension of the Toucan Spanish School) our coffee is meticulously sourced by our own in-house coffee experts which means prices can be kept low even though we’re serving the very best specialty coffees in large sizes. You don’t need to ask for a large cappuccino, they come that way anyway.

Best Tours in Medellin
At the Toucan Café our mission is to promote Colombia’s coffee culture to foreign visitors and locals alike through not only serving great coffee but also through our range of culturally inspired tours.

For example at the 2 hour Toucan Coffee Tasting Experience you’ll have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about Colombian specialty coffee.

The Toucan Barista Workshop is also a good opportunity to get hands-on and learn how the professionals make those fancy cappuccinos and suchlike.

Then there is the chance to do a Coffee Farm Tour to see first hand the origins of coffee. We also do that tour but with a Cacao Farm to see the origins of chocolate.

For something a little bit different the Medellin Graffiti Tour is a chance to see how Medellin has transformed through innovative urban regeneration projects and how art and music plays in important part.

If you’re looking for small and quieter café options, we recommend Al Alma and Almaciego also located in Provenza. For romantic occasions you can’t beat Me Late Chocolate who have some of the best chocolate cakes, cheesecakes and truffles in town.

Toucan Tip: Cafe’s Worth Travelling For

If you’re looking for good cafe options and want to get away from Poblado for a change, then you might want to try the following recommended options:

In LaurelesCafe Zeppelin or Café Vallejo

In EnvigadoEl Café de Otra Parte or Eduardo Madrid Panaderia

DowntownEl Astor Café

Cafés in Medellin
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