Medellin Free City Guide

Pharmacies in Medellin

There seems to be pharmacies on most of the major streets in El Poblado, especially on Avenida Poblado and Calle 10. Nearly all of them offer a home delivery service. Most hospitals have pharmacies on site although they tend to be a little more expensive.

At times, the pharmacy may ask if you’d like the original drug or the cheaper generic product – the price difference between the two may be quite significant.

Toucan Tip: 24 Hour Pharmacies

If you need something outside of normal operational hours there are two 24 hour pharmacies (Farmacia PasteurDrogas La Rebaja) on the corner of Avenida Poblado and Calle 8 – just a short walk from Clínica Medellin. Another well known and reputable pharmacy chain is Botica Junin which you will see around town.

If want to order online and get home delivery in 60 minutes a great platform is You can pay by cash or credit card.

Pharmacies in Medellin
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