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Money Exchange

The best way to acquire cash in Medellin is to withdraw it from an ATM. However if you must bring dollars, or any other currency, there are plenty of money exchange facilities around town.

There are also three or four small money exchange offices within a few minutes walk of Parque Lleras as shown on the map below. You’ll also find currency exchange offices in all the larger shopping malls such as Santa Fe, Oviedo and El Tesoro.

Money Exchange MedellinA well known and recommended option is Unicambios, located at both Oviedo and Sante Fe malls. You can check their website for the up-to-date daily exchange rate. There is another option called Rescambios located in office 311 of Dann Carlton Torre Empresarial which we’ve heard has good rates. We recommend you don’t exchange much money in the airport as it tends to be one of the worst rates available.

A popular site for checking the exchange rate is

Map: Currency Exchange Houses

Toucan Tip: Need Money in a Hurry?

Western Union Colombia

If you don’t have money to exchange but need money in a hurry, you can receive money from overseas by using Western Union. You can arrange payment via their website using a visa card, and then collect it from any of the Western Union office here in Medellin. You will only need the reference number of the transaction and your passport.

In El Poblado, there are Western Union branches inside:

  1. Homecenter, Poblado,
  2. Exito, Poblado
  3. Carulla – Oviedo location.
Money Exchange
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