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Learn Spanish in Medellin

When you’re researching online where to study Spanish in South America you’ll see everyone commenting that Colombia is the best place to learn the Spanish language.

Why? In Colombia, Spanish is spoken relatively clearly and without so many local nuances that you see in other countries like Argentina and Chile. More importantly, it’s much easier to learn the local language in such an affectionate and warm country. Even if your Spanish is terrible but you carry a smile, strangers exude patience and might even compliment your Spanish. This local Colombian morale boost, alone, will surely get you through a potential language barrier easier than in other Spanish speaking countries where they might be more reserved and unapproachable.

Of course if you want to learn Spanish in Medellin you are more than welcome to join us at the Toucan Spanish School. We’re the largest Spanish School in Medellin, classes start weekly at all levels.

Learn Spanish in Medellin
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