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Laundry Services in Medellin

There are no self-service laundromats to wash your own clothes in Medellin. Instead, you will find, relatively expensive, full service laundromats. You can expect to pay about 25,000 to 30,000 for one load of washing.

Most hostels have laundry services which may be more affordable – you may want to check before booking. Likewise, most hotels have laundry services but check before you hand over your clothing to make sure their price is fair.

Most furnished rental apartments come with a washing machine and a washing line to dry your clothes. Dryers are very uncommon in Medellin. If maid service is included in the rent, maids will generally wash all the bedding and towels, but not necessarily your clothes. The same applies when renting a room in a shared apartment or house.

Toucan Tip: Most Convenient Laundry Services

The following are the most convenient laundry services in El Poblado, a short walk from 90% of hostels in Poblado:

Todo Limpio Lavandaria – Conveniently located in front of the Toucan Spanish School.
Carrera 41A #10 – 9, El Poblado, Medellin.

Clean & Clean – Conveniently located but they also have Domicilio service which you can organise from your smartphone.
Calle 10A #38 – 20, El Poblado, Medellín.

Lavapres Express – Another good option, they are located near Exito Poblado and they also do pick up and delivery.
Ph: (+57 4) 444 7777 Calle 10 #43E -135 El Poblado, Medellin.

Coin & Wash – Despite the name, this is not a self-service laundromat.
Carrera 34 #8A – 24, El Poblado, Medellín.

Laundry Services
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  1. Muy buenos dias, me dirijo a ustedes para informarles que acabamos de instalar una lavanderia de autoservicio en la ciudad de medellin, quisieramos saber que requisitos tienen para poder publicarnos en su pagina.

    La lavanderia se llama Laundry Cafe
    estamos ubicados en la transversal 39B # 70-57 (avenida nutibara a 50 metros de la glorieta de bulerias)

    Tenemos pagina web pero aun esta en construccion

    Redes sociales:

    Facebook: Laundry Cafe Medellin

  2. I 100% endorse the place above called Cafe Laundry! It was a HUGE lifesaver for me! My AirBnB 0washer broke 4 days and these places have WiFi, Washer AND DRYERS(no more crusty clothes!!! They also provide soap.

  3. This laundromat is legitimate. It is clean and the staff are super friendly. It’s 10,000 a load and it’s self-serve. The wifi is excellent!

  4. Hello ! we are opening a brand new laundromat close to “Estadio Station” called GREEN LAUNDRY where you can go and wash your own clothes, the detergent and Softener is FREE ! – Wifi zone

    Wash and dry 20 pounds for only COP$20.000

    Adress: Calle 50 # 77A-45

    visit us:

    Facebook/instagram: greenlaundrymedellin

    Web site:

  5. Hi — I can attest that Laundry Cafe is really a good option. Good wifi, never too crowded, nice new machines.

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