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Hairdresser in Medellin

Visiting the hairdresser in Medellin doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are great barbers and excellent English speaking hairdressers.

If you’re looking for a cheap men’s cut there are several barbers in barrio Provenza along Carrera 34 and 35, the staff are usually pretty young and if you’re looking for a simple short back & sides then you wont be disappointed. If you’re looking for something a bit higher end you won’t get better than El Garage Barber Shop.

There is a high end hairdresser chain Alquimia Belleza Integral in every large shopping mall such as Santafe, El Tesoro and Oviedo. They usually have someone who speaks a little bit of English.

However one of the most popular English speaking hairdressers for guys and gals in Medellin is Vladamir at the Ambroxia Peluqueria he has experience working in London and so speaks perfect English (and also Hebrew).  You can find Ambroxia Salon in Parque Lleras on Calle 8 (con Carrera 38) upstairs.

Hairdresser in Medellin
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