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Cinemas in Medellin

Going to the movies is a very popular past-time for Colombians. Almost every shopping mall has a cinema with several theaters.

Generally, the movies here are mostly American blockbusters. Movies are generally released at the same time as they are internationally, but not always. Most movies are in their original language with Spanish subtitles, although kids movies are generally always dubbed. It’s always worth checking first before buying your ticket. It’s possible to select your preferred seats when buying your ticket at the counter. You may also reserve your ticket online without paying, however, you must arrive 30 minutes or more before the film commences or the seats will be released to someone else.

Here are some the best cinema options close to Poblado:

Ticket prices depends on the cinema, the time & day of the week, if the film is in 2D or 3D and if the cinema is standard or premium. Prices range from 3,000 to 30,000 COP but the average is about 15,000 COP.  If you want the ultimate experience you can watch a film in 3D with comfortable leather reclining chairs, pre movie VIP lounge, the option for food and drink delivery service inside the cinema and also seats that move and vibrate with the action.

Toucan Tip: Best Value Cinemas

For the best prices in Poblado, nothing beats Cine Colombia in Mall Vizcaya. To get there, just head five or six blocks from Parque Lleras up the hill on Calle 10. Procinal in Monterrey Mall is also very reasonably priced. In Colombia, popcorn “crispetas” is very popular and it’s also normal to order a hotdog or nachos to eat inside the cinema. However food & drink is generally overpriced to compensate for the reasonable ticket prices.

Wednesday is also movie day with discounts on all tickets at every cinema.

If you prefer to watch a film at home, then Movietime on Carrera 36, sells a large range of pirated DVD’s, Blue-Rays, and 3D films.

Cinema in Medellin
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  1. Thank you for this web site. It is a valuable resource guide. I particularly like that all the links work and are kept current. Is there an adult cinema featuring what we in the States would sometimes call “art house” or internationally awarded movies of particular directors, book adaptations, etc?

  2. I love this website!! However, I was wondering if there are any artsy film venues you could recommend rather than these shopping mall movie theaters.

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