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Medellin Car Rentals

Car rentals are available in Medellin and can be found around El Poblado as well as at the airport.  Car rentals start at about 75,000 COP a day and increase depending upon your various upgrades. Make sure to understand exactly what you’re paying for as a handful of reviews of various car rental companies are particularly scathing. Following are some recommended options:

Global Car Rental
Calle 10 No. 43E-36 Avenida El Poblado.
Phone: (+574) 448-8082

Carrera 43A, #1A Sur 69, Oficina 101
Phone: (+574) 232-7170 or (+574) 232-0080

Rentadora De Colombia Car Rental
Carrera 43A # 8-55 4sur-15.
Phone: (+574) 311-9191

Medellin Car Rentals
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