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Medellin Airport Transfer

Getting to and from the JOSE MARIA CORDOVA International Airport Medellin

Outside the Jose Maria Cordoba airport there will be plenty of taxis waiting to take you to Medellin. The taxis will be colored either white or yellow. The white taxis are generally airport-only taxis and the yellow ones are normal domestic taxis. We recommend taking the larger, white airport taxis since they are generally more comfortable and may allow more baggage space. Only regulated taxis are allowed to pick up passengers at the airport.

The fare to and from the airport is a fixed fare of about 60,000-65,000 COP, and this will always include the tolls on the road to Medellin. You will never be asked to pay any extra. The fare may change, as they do annually, but it should always be a fixed rate. The journey from the airport to Medellin should take about 45 minutes and the drivers usually speed where possible. Tipping is optional.

To get back to the airport it’s best to book an official airport taxi and not a little domestic yellow one. One company that has an online reservation form is Aerotaxi. Another option is ACOA Taxi Aeropuerto.

If you’re looking for a more premium service using 2015+ model cars, bilingual drivers and easy to book and prepay service then check out Medellin Airport Transfers.

Toucan Tip: Save Money

If you want to save some money, you can get a shared taxi (Taxi Colectivo), with up to three others, or the airport shuttle bus (Microbus). Both of these budget transportation options go to San Diego or El Centro near Hotel Nutibara. From there, you can take a final taxi to your destination. Look for the stand that says “Hacia Medellin” or “Towards Medellin”. There are buses for alternative destinations so make sure it’s to Medellin. If you are staying in Poblado, San Diego is your best destination option.When taking the Microbus, put your luggage in the rear of the bus and they’ll give you a number to collect it once you arrive. The bus driver will collect the fare just before departure (about 9,000 COP). The bus will depart as soon as it’s full. When you exit the bus and collect your luggage, there are taxi stewards who will direct you to a taxi (there are always plenty waiting there). They may ask for a tip but it’s not mandatory.

Taking the Colectivo or Microbus and then a taxi at San Diego will end up costing about 20,000-25,000 COP in total and the total journey time may take up to 30 minutes extra.

To return to the airport on a budget, the most economical way is to take a taxi to San Diego and then get a shared bus or taxi back to the airport. Recently, there has been a couple reports of robberies from people departing San Diego so be mindful of the people around you.

Getting to and from the ENRIQUE OLAYA HERRERA Domestic Airport (EOH) Airport

The Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) is located south of the center of Medellin and so it’s a very short taxi ride to anywhere in Medellin.

NEW: Medellin Helicopter Transfer

Medellin Airport Helicopter Service:
There is also a helicopter option available from the international airport. It operates every 30 minutes. One downside of taking the “chopper” is you are limited to the amount of luggage you can take. The cost is 150,000 COP. You can BOOK HERE.

Medellin Airport Transfer
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  1. Su pagina de internet no sirve. Estoy tratando de reservar en el helicopter, no puedo hacerlo. Entre todo lo indicado y lo que la pagina me pregunta : el destino, la fecha, cuantos adulto ect. NADA. Es frustante! alo menos den otra opcion de donde ir en “persona” hay una en el aeropuerto Jose M Cordova en persona? para ir a comprarlo en persona. Gracias!

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