Medellin Free City Guide


Free Wifi MedellinFor visitors to Medellin with online jobs access to high-speed internet is essential. While Colombia doesn’t have a super modern internet infrastructure, it’s still decent, reliable and widely available.

Medellin is supposed to be the number one city in Colombia for access to public free wifi. There is even talk of connecting wifi services to all public transport services including the metro, metro cable, even taxis and buses. Meanwhile free wifi can be found in most cafes, hostels and hotels. Most rental apartments have between 5 and 10 Megas.

Several of the internet providers sell dongles but usually they require a 12 month contract. It’s usually much easier getting a plan for your phone and transferring the connection to your laptop. The average cost of a prepay 2 Gb mobile phone plan is about 45,000 COP a month.

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