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Colombian Tourist Permit Extension

How long can you stay in Colombia?

The rule for most tourists on an PIP-5 Entry Permit stamp, is that you can only stay:

  • 180 days in a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st in any given year) or
  • 180 days consecutively

Let’s explain with some examples:

Example 1 – You arrive in Colombia on January 1st and stay 90 days. About 5 days before this first 90 days expires, you can extend another 90 days for a second time, from April to June, for a total of 180 days. Since you’ve stayed 180 days in the calendar year your only option now is to leave the country and wait for the following 1st January to be allowed to enter as a tourist again.

Example 2 – You arrive in Colombia on 1st December and use your first 90 days allowance. You then extend another 90 days taking you up to May at which point you’ve used up your 180 consecutive days allowance, meaning you must leave the country.  However remember you are allowed 180 days per year and you’ve only stayed 150 days in that year.  In order to take advantage of that additional 30 days, all you need to do is take a quick “vacation” to Panama, Miami, Ecuador (or wherever) and return. When you re-enter the country will be entitled to the remaining allowance.

Example 3 – This is an example of how to stay in Colombia for a consecutive year with only tourist permits. All you need to do is arrive early July, use your first 90 days allowance and then extend until December. At this point, you’ve broken the 180 days in a calendar year rule so you need to leave the country. After a quick “Christmas vacation” out of the country when you return it’s a new calendar year. This means that you receive a fresh PIP-5 Entry Permit for 90 days which can be extend another 90 days. To summarize you stay 180 days, leave and came back in a new year, then have 180 more days.

What if you overstay your Tourist Permit?

When your 180 days are up, you have to leave Colombia or face a fine. The fine is calculated arbitrarily and could range from one half to 7x the minimum monthly salary of the average Colombian. In other words between about 350,000 COP and 4.5 million COP. If you’re late by only a few days, the fine is still 350,000 COP. Because of this, some choose to stay a little bit longer before they go into Migracion because they would have paid the same fine anyway.

Whilst overstaying your visa was always considered no big deal in the past, recent examples would seem to indicate that Migracion Colombia are taking a harder stance on this issue. Overstaying your tourist permit may result in deportation, affect your ability to return to Colombia or negatively impact your request for a more formal visa (eg permanent residency) in the future. A per all things the situation can and will change frequently, always double check everything with Migracion Colombia.

Toucan Tip: How to Extend your Entry Permit

When your first 90 day PIP-5 Entry Permit expires, you don’t need to leave and re-enter Colombia to get a new stamp for another 90 days. You can simply renew your entry permit at the office of Migracion Colombia in Belen, in Medellin. (The renewal of is technically called PTP-5). Extending a Tourist Permit is a painless process:

  • Go to Migracion Colombia, in Belen. Most taxi drivers will know it as “DAS Belen” which is their former name.
  • After security checking your bags for guns (don’t bring guns), they’ll tell you to turn off your cell-phone and enter
  • Fill out the form that Migration Colombia give you and wait for your name to be called
  • After they have checked your form cross the road to the visa agency located in front of Migracion Colombia and take two copies of the completed form and two copies of both your passport details page and entry visa page. Whilst there you can ask them to take your passport photos as well
  • Return to Migracion Colombia with the form copies, visa information copies, and passport photos
  • You can pay the extension fee by credit card. If you don’t have access to a card, you can also deposit money into their bank account (which is not walkable from Migracion Colombia), they will give you the necessary details to pay.

We recommend you dress nicely, smile, and don’t lose your patience. Remember, they have your extension fate in their hands and visa issues are always up to the discretion of the officer working. If you don’t speak Spanish, there is generally someone in the office who speaks English who can help you – it’s best to at least make some effort though. Colombian Tourist Visa Extension Migracion Colombia: Address: Calle 19 # 80A-40 Barrio Belén La Nubia Telephone: (+574) 345-5500. Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (The office slows down during lunch hours although there will always be at least one officer working).

GETTING THERE: The easiest method is by taxi, however you can also go by bus. On the street in front of Poblado Metro Station catch the “Circular Sur” bus in the direction of Envigado (ie South). A few minutes after passing the local Airport you will see a large white building of the Clinica Saludcoop. Get off there and walk up Calle 19 or 20a. You can see the bus route here.

Colombian Tourist Visa Extension
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13 Comments on “Colombian Tourist Visa Extension”

  1. Hello – I have overstayed my 90 day visa by 8 days and I am looking to leave Colombia to go to Ecuador, via bus.

    I am trying to fond out if I can pay the overstay fine at the border, or if I have to pay it at the Migracion Colombia office, but I am finding this information difficult to find anywhere?

    Are you aware if it is possible to pay any fine at the border?



  2. es necesario tener un tiquete de salida de Colombia al momento de hacer la extensión? Me piden ese papel en migración?

    1. Hi Chris, it’s generally not asked for. If they do ask for whatever reason, you can always tell them you’re planning on departing Colombia by bus.

  3. Thank you for the great information! I am trying to book an appointment on the website, but when I try to select a date the calendar function does not seem to be working. Has anyone else had this experience? I am planning on just going in to the office in Medellin to try to get an appointment there, but I don’t want to waste too much time.
    Thanks in advance for any tips!

      1. Hi Thomas and Natalya,
        I have the same problem. There are no available dates showing up in the calendar, when I try to schedule. Did you guys try showing up at the Migration Office to get an appointment there? How did it go?
        Thanks so much in advance!

  4. The credit payment field was down for maintenance for 5 days but I was able to make a payment online through the pci option using a friends Colombian bank card.

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